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Summer school of painting and drawing

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The Summer School: This was set up in 1982 by myself, David Wynn Millward, Artist/Tutor, and my wife, Jenny Nimmo, Children’s Author, under the patronage of the late Peter Greenham RA, Keeper of the Royal Academy Schools and with the permission of the Secretary of State for Wales. Its Purpose: Initially, we thought to provide a place in the country with studio space, models and home-cooking for artists who wanted a retreat where they could work with others. For some, this is what it is, but we found a need existed for teaching beginners and also refreshing those coming back into art after a break. It became apparent that there were people who would benefit from learning the basics, which are not always taught in schools.  

Teaching: I am a teacher as well as a painter. For beginners, I teach a structured course, which introduces them to different media, eg pencil, charcoal, watercolour, pastel, while teaching theory and developing a heightened visual awareness. This is detailed at the end of the brochure. For others, I tailor the teaching to meet their needs and am here to act as a sounding board, to provide constructive criticism, and encouragement. Hopefully, the place, the ambience, the routine and good food, and fellow students working at their art, will all go into producing a rich cocktail of inspiration, a full portfolio of work and good memories to take home with you. Who comes? Beginners, those wanting a restart in art, students needing to pass exams or create a better portfolio for entry to Art College, painters who regularly attend summer courses, professional artists who like a house-party atmosphere, and those from abroad who want to paint and improve their English. These are some of the categories who come.


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